5 Italian Destinations Which are Worth Visiting All Year Round

The Southern European country is among the most famous travel destinations in the entire world. Some of the reasons that make it a popular destination are the stunning fashion, the amazing landscapes, awesome cuisine, and inspiring art. Below are the best destinations in Italy that will make you keep going back all year round.

destinations in italy - venice


The archipelago of a total of 118 islands is built on top of a lagoon at the northeastern part of Italy. The islands are connected by a collection of bridges and canals, with the Grand Canal as the most famous, dividing Venice into two. It is seen as one of the most romantic cities in the world because of the historic architecture and the multiple scenic waterways. The Basilica, St. Mark’s Square and Doge’s Square are among the most iconic landmarks in the city which are worth visiting.


Cypress trees, olive groves, and vineyards growing on the rolling hills are a perfect description of Tuscany’s landscape. You can relax at the town of Gimignano or if you are a wine lover, head to Chianti for some wine tasting. The town embraces its culture, hosting other smaller art-themed historic towns. Tuscany’s historic center is one of the most visited in Italy as it holds some of the best artworks. Some of Tuscany’s best accommodations include Locanda Rossa and Borgo Santo Pietro.

Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most luxurious places in Italy and the whole world and has remained a favorite holiday destinations in Italy for many celebrities, with some like George Clooney and Madonna owning houses there. There are beautiful views of the mountains beyond the lush green vegetation from the lake, besides its blue eye-catching body mass. There are luxurious 5-star villas and hotels located near Lake Como like the Grand Hotel Tremezzo which has continued to be a favorite spot for A-list visitors and other millionaires.


Florence’s art goes beyond Italy and has gained recognition not only among the best destinations in Italy but in the entire European continent. It is also home to many structures of unique architecture. The city is also famous for a bustling nightlife and restaurants with the most amazing cuisines. The culture in Florence openly embraces contemporary art, opera, and classical music and it is also described as the renaissance of art. It’s abundance of quirky shops, striking appearance, historical vibe, quality crafts and closeness to vineyards make Florence an amazing place to visit.


Over the years Milan has been reconstructed after WWII bomb attacks and now ranks high in Europe’s wealthiest cities. It is considered a huge fashion center and is Italy’s hotspot for fashion and design. It also has flocks of visitors who come to witness some of the most iconic works of art, for example, the Last Supper, the Castello Sforzesco, and the Scala Opera House. Food is also affordable in Milan as there are vibrant hotels and restaurants that can suit varying budgets. When compared to other cities, Milan is less historic with more glamour and modern buildings.

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