My Experience During First Trip To New York

Traveling is an experience that many of us wish to be a part of, especially if it includes traveling to another country. Each of us wishes for this experience to be as fun as possible and are curious as to how it will turn out. I will share how my first trip to New York from India turned out. As it was my first trip to New York, I was pretty excited about experiencing the New York culture.

first trip to new york

I had heard a lot about New York and always wanted to go there and see it for myself. Since I was traveling to another country I was also nervous and wanted to have a good experience overall.

In order to ensure that my experience turns out to be a good one, I went with choosing what I thought would make my journey better. So first I booked a flight from Bombay to Delhi and choose Vistara Airlines. I was glad that I chose this airline as my flight was quite satisfactory. After I landed in Delhi, then I had a flight to London first and after reaching London, I finally had a last flight from London which directly landed in New York.

For travelling from Delhi to London I chose British Airways as I always fly One World airline alliance. British Airways is the largest airline in United Kingdom and they ensure that their passengers face no difficulties during the flight and they made sure that we leave with a good experience. To travel from London to New York, I chose American Airlines and my overall experience was quite nice. All in all, the decisions I made regarding my flights were really good and I landed at my destination facing minimum difficulties.

I finally reached my destination and the excitement of my first trip to New York, I felt had reached new heights by now. I was excited not only to see new places in New York but also to experience the whole culture there.

I had booked Four Seasons Hotel for the duration of my stay in New York. Four Seasons is exotic and beautiful in every sense. This hotel offers one of the most comfortable experiences you can have in New York. This hotel in USA offers luxurious rooms with many services and I must comment on the view because it is absolutely stunning. It also provides you with fitness facilities that are open 24/7 and it also has a spa that ensures you have a relaxing experience.

Once I got settled in and the jet-lag was over, I decided to do some exploring since that was the whole purpose of coming here. So I made a bucket list of the places that I will visit during my stay. The first place that I visited was the Central Park. Central Park is one of the top sights to see in New York. It consists of trails that I found really interesting and if you are an animal lover then you will love the zoo located in Central Park. There are also many more fun things one can experience at Central Park. The next place I visited was the famous Statue of Liberty.

Although I have seen it many times in movies but the real life experience was entirely something else. The magnificence of the Statue of Liberty left me speechless and I was glad I got to experience it for live. With Statue of Liberty off my bucket list I went to visit the next place which was the Empire State Building. Empire State Building, located at the heart of New York, provides amazing views of New York City that are unforgettable. It was an amazing experience one that I wish that I would get to experience again.

I also visited other famous places such as Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Rockefeller center and different museums. I love history and visiting the museums brought peace to my history loving soul and there as so much that I learnt by visiting different museums. This is not where my journey ends. Being a food lover, I visited many different steakhouses in New York City and one that I can say captured the foodie within me was the Club A Steakhouse. New York food is delicious and the whole ambiance of the restaurant gives a cozy and homely feel, just what I was looking for.

I loved my first trip to New York and the amazing experiences that I gained from my journey are something that I will always cherish.

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