Getaways for Hiking Enthusiasts

Our goal is to spread the absolute best of all the world’s best getaways for hiking enthusiasts and brings to the table anxious voyagers and climbing lovers!

Picture yourself climbing into the Grand Canyon’s bluff rugged edges. Or on the other hand the transcending, rocky pinnacles and geothermal miracles of Yellowstone, the Wind River Range, and the Tetons.

Trek into the beautiful gully nation scenes of Utah where curves, towers, hoodoos, spring-sustained streams, and gorge mark your direction. Or on the other hand the sheer frigid cut arches, roaring cascades, and the shining high nation of Yosemite. Or on the other hand the wonder of biodiversity that is the Great Smoky Mountains, where completely clear rivulets, profound backwoods, and immense Appalachian perspectives fill you with amazement.

Our hiking excursions and climbing visits incorporate exploring trips, motel based visits, outdoors based visits, watchman and pony upheld climbs, and that’s just the beginning!

Regardless of whether you like to climb or love to climb, we have a lot of choices for all capacity levels and dimensions of experience! Here are our best picks so far.

yosemite - Getaways for Hiking Enthusiasts

Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Stretching some 270 miles from Derbyshire to Scotland, the Pennine Way is the UK’s most famous long-distance trek.

The entire hike takes around three weeks to complete, and passes over wild moorland through on the outskirts of Manchester and through the Yorkshire Dales, before heading through Hadrian’s Wall and on to Scotland. A favourite of outdoor fanatics, campers and anyone who can handle the unpredictable British weather.

Hell’s Gate, Kenya

The Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya is a hiker’s paradise. Create a lifetime’s memories with a hike through the park and sample a variety of wildlife and stunning scenery. Marvel at extraordinary land formations including the Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns as well as the Hell’s Gate Gorge.

Yosemite National Park, USA

One of the popular destinations in California, hike and trek through the Yosemite National Park on an adventure of a lifetime and discover a mountain landscape shaped by towering granite monoliths polished and carved by ancient glaciers and waterfalls that plunge thousands of feet over sheer cliffs, rivers and rushing creeks. Explore forests of massive trees and vast virgin terrain with alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes, and towering peaks.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Camino de Santiago or Way of St. James is a series of several pilgrimage paths, all ending at the shrine of the apostle St. James at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. As some visitors may opt to stay at the monasteries, others choose to stay in nearby hotels. The best route follows a line across northern Spain through the French Pyrenees.

The Basho Wayfarer, Japan

Japan is famous for its ancient trails, connecting cities to temples. A hike in Japan follows a route taken by the poet Basho over 300 years ago. The six-day trek will start at Sendai and meander its way through Tohoku region, through Hiraizumi, and along the ancient Dewa Kaido path.

Causeway Coastal Way – Northern Ireland

Enjoy a refreshing walk and early morning bird watching on the Causeway Coastal Way, Northern Ireland. Ireland is full of natural, historical and cultural attractions and offers one of the best hikes in the world. Check out Game of Thrones’ filming sites of the imaginary Kingdom of Westeros as you hike through the mysterious rolling countryside and keep an eye out for Daenery Targaryens’ dragons.

French Alps, France

If you plan a hike in the French Alps, then starting out on the Grand Balcon and Lac Blanc trails is a good idea. This gives you a fantastic view of the great mountain range from the other side as Mont Blanc looms over from a distance throughout your trail.

Prepare yourself adequately from the unpredictable weather patterns as it can get pretty chilly in the mornings and at night.

If you would like to add any destinations to this list of getaways for hiking enthusiasts please write in the comments section below.

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