Guide To The Most Beautiful Destinations In Canada

Canada is home to some of the most beautiful nature tails of the world, coupled with modern state of the art infrastructure in stylish cities. The metropolitan areas of Canada are either inspired by French or British heritage, pronounced in the robust old school architecture.

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Following are some of the best tourist destinations to explore in Canada based on culture, nature and outdoor activities. 

Montreal city

One of the most romantic cities of the world, Montreal is famous for its plethora of jazz bars. The city is very French in vibes and ruminates on the old world glory of Europe. Besides, this is where you gorge on classic dishes like Poutine. On a sunny day, consider summiting Mount Royal for a sweeping view of the downtown. In Montreal, you have a chance to shop at one of the iconic underground shopping centers. 

Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec)

French inspired heritage array of architecture, 17th century cobblestone highways and old world charm, all come together to define the Old City of Quebec. The UNESCO world heritage city of Canada is also home to Château Frontenac, the only chateau in the whole of North America. 


Downtown Vancouver is a delightful modern urban area to explore. It gives you a chance to retreat to nature trails as soon as you get tired of the city crowd. Visit Vancouver Art Gallery and Museum of Anthropology to understand the pulse of this diverse city. The Capilano suspension bridge is a unique destination overlooking a lush valley of fall foliage in Vancouver, often described as the lungs of the downtown. 

Banff and Jasper National Park

Hiking the Canadian Rockies is a bucket list item for many. An hour into the iconic trail through Jasper and you shall know why! 

Diverse presence of wildlife, sprawling grasslands, iconic scenery, translucent waters of Moraine lake, serpentine Bow river, and glaciers of Columbia Icefield: Banff has all of these to offer and more! The backdrops are ethereal and evokes awe for a nature lover. 


The resort town in British Columbia is a favourite retreat for adventure lovers. Skiing, Bungee jumping, snowboarding are some of the tourist activities on offer at Whistler during winters. There are plenty of resorts in Whistler village. Mont-Tremblant is another similar resort town with easy access to a number of lakes in the area. 

Gros Morne National Park

At the UNESCO world heritage site, you have a chance to explore the rust colored earth that sits pretty atop the tableland since millenia. Also take a boat ride through western brook pond. The landscape is remarkable for gushing waterfalls streaming through glacier-carved fjords.

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Niagara Falls & Toronto

Straddling the international border of the USA and Canada, Niagara falls is a massive cascade of intense waterflow that will invoke awe for nature yet again. The waterfall gets frozen in winter and yet makes for great visuals. 

Niagara falls is actually a small trip away from Toronto city. One of the largest urban landscapes of Canada, Toronto is famous as the home to towering freestanding CN tower. The iconic building dwarfs every other skyscraper in front of it! When in Toronto, also pay a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum.

Bay Of Fundy

Located close to Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy is famous for extremely high tides, often referred to as the world’s highest tides. When tidal waves retreat, you will see the “flowerpot” rock formations standing in glory on the sea-bed. At Bay of Fundy, it is even possible to go for rafting in the sea and encounter 3 to 10 feet tall waves! 


Home to the magical occurrence of Aurora Borealis during winters, Yukon is one of the best places to observe Northern lights in the world! The region is home to Mount Logan, the highest mountain of Canada. 

These are just some of the beautiful tourist destinations in Canada. With more people setting foot in Canada as immigrants or temporary workers, the culture became truly diverse and intricately assimilated various flavors from across the globe. 

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