If You Love Food, You’ll Love New Orleans

New Orleans is a whole lot of things and much more. This city is unique with an amazingly rich and diverse history, which shaped the city into its present day cultural potpourri.

The city was established in 1718 as a French colony and named after a French regent, Phillip II, the Duke of Orleans in France. The colony was later ceded to the Spanish and remained a Spanish colony into the early 1800’s.

Located in south-eastern Louisiana and flanked by the Mississippi River, the city has enjoyed a rich and colorful past, a lot of which is tied in with the presence of the Mississippi and the fact that the city served as a port to the great river.

The city’s colorful past contributed greatly to the cultural diversity that defines New Orleans to date, including its position as the birthplace of Jazz music and a couple more contemporary music styles.

Discussing New Orleans is impossible without its spectacular cuisine. New Orleans cuisine consists of the most remarkable combination of food representative of the best of Creole, French and Spanish delicacies combined.

Food tourism is the state’s biggest selling point, including the world-famous Mardi Gras which includes its list of food. From the sinfully spicy, yet medicinal goodness of the Gumbo to the tartness of pralines and beignets; New Orleans’ world famous cuisine combines the local Creole, New Orleans French, Spanish and Haute Creole culinary secrets, generations in the making.

The food here uses ingredients that span across continents; African, Cajun, Chinese, Italian, Native American and South American ingredients to create a unique taste of New Orleans.

New Orleans offers a mind-blowing culinary trip for food lovers and will be the ultimate treat for your palate and taste buds, as you would never get this combination of tastes anywhere else.

The New Orleans culinary must-haves includes the Beignets, also known as French doughnuts. This square shaped pastry is best enjoyed with a New Orleans special café au lait, prepared with the unique blend of coffee and chicory that gives it that special New Orleans taste.

A visit to the city is incomplete without trying out some Gumbo and Jambalaya.  The amazing thing about Gumbo is that it can be made into so many different soups, including the delicious seafood Gumbo.

Think you have experienced seafood? Wait till you have a plate of New Orleans barbecue Shrimps, boiled crawfish, oysters or crabs, that’s the truest taste of seafood you can get on land.

Pralines are one dessert you do not want to miss, the sugary sweet made from pecans, brown sugar and butter are a necessity for any true food lover or adventurer.

The Muffuletta is a Sicilian bread sandwich, made popular by Italian immigrants to New Orleans.

You really can’t get the taste of New Orleans without trying out the locally originated Po Boy sandwich consisting of sloppy roast beef or the signature New Orleans seafood.

If you haven’t been to New Orleans yet, then you need to check it out this year. You’ll enjoy your stay in this beautiful place.

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  1. March 15, 2021

    […] Museum, one gets an insight into the city’s exuberant spirit.  Also, with a mix of delectable Cajun and Creole dishes like gumbo, crawfish, and stew etouffee, New Orleans is sure to leave a long-lasting […]

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