Mini Guide On Brazil – Escape To South America

South America is a huge tourist hub with its many countries, cultures and cuisines, the Lake Districts of Chile and its love for football. The Inca Trail in Peru, the Amazon rainforest, the beaches of Brazil and the Galapagos Islands are just a few of the things that draw people to South America. If you have ever fancied travelling to South America, to get you started, below is a mini guide on Brazil.

Travel to Brazil

Brazil has endless amounts to offer, leaving tourists spoilt for choice. Deciding where to travel to and what to see can take some planning, but a well-structured trip will ensure little time wastage and a trip that runs smoothly. When travelling there, depending on where you stay, a working knowledge of the Spanish language may be helpful. It is also worth taking out a good travel insurance just in case.

Food in Brazil

Any foodie will be in heaven when they travel to Brazil, as it offers a variety of delicious cuisines depending on which region you visit. For instance, Bahia has its own distinct culinary trail, while Rio offers an entirely different type of food.  Feijoada is the most famous dish of Rio and pato no tucupi is a famous dish of North Brazil. Rice is the staple food of Brazil along with bovine fillet, seafood and cashews and cassava. Depending on what food you like to eat and where you are travelling, it may be a good idea to do some research into some restaurants before you go.

Visit the Maracana football stadium in Brazil

Brazil is synonymous with football; it is something the whole country gets behind and supports. Boasting some of the best players in the world, Brazil forms a great holiday choice for football fans all over the world.  If you are a big football fan, it is definitely worth visiting the Maracana football stadium to soak up the atmosphere and try to fit in watching a football game.

Attend the Brazilian Carnival

The infamous Rio Carnival conjures up images of revelry, fun, colour, music and dance of extraordinary proportions. If you plan to visit ‘The Biggest Show on Earth’, be sure to make your plans early and prepare for the thousands that flock to the city; hotels are sure to book up extremely quickly.  

Go on a golfing holiday to Brazil

Golfing is picking up big time in Brazil and the country boasts of some of the topmost golf courses in the world. If attending a carnival is not what you are after, why not try a golfing holiday. Sao Paolo is golfing heaven for enthusiasts and there is also a beautiful golf course right near the Iguassu Falls.

Brazil beckons to travelers, couples and families to come and explore what it has to offer; Brazil forms the perfect combination of culture and vibrancy.

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