Planning A Trip To Turkey? Top Places To Avoid The Crowds

places to avoid the crowds in turkey
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Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world thanks to its gorgeous beaches, mountainous landscape, impeccable weather and wealth of historic and cultural attractions. However, its popularity means that it can become incredibly crowded, particularly during the peak summer season of June to August. If you prefer peace and quiet on your vacations, you might be wondering how to enjoy Turkey without the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Here are three of the best places to avoid the crowds in Turkey that are lesser known and significantly more peaceful.

Places to avoid the crowds in Turkey

1. Gökçeada

places to avoid the crowds in turkey
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Situated in the north-northeastern Aegean Sea, Gökçeada is the biggest island in Turkey. Its natural charm remains largely unspoiled by tourism, and this makes it an incredibly beautiful destination where the traditional ways of life are maintained. It is also part of the Cittaslow International Network, an Italian organisation that is focused on creating a network of cities across the world that prioritise easy, serene and natural lifestyles.

The island has a population of just under 9000 residents, many of which live in tiny villages scattered across the countryside. Agriculture is its biggest industry, which means much of the island is protected against development thanks to the need to maintain the land. Animal agriculture, beekeeping, olive growing and winemaking are the key farming activities, and the island is particularly well-known for its organic produce.

The island is also renowned as a haven for surfers thanks to unique patterns of wind that allow surfing to take place for nine months of the year. For a gentler way to pass the time, head to the nearby beaches of Kefalos or Aydıncık on the southern coast or bathe in the salt lake that lies adjacent to them. Be sure to indulge in plenty of local cuisine on your visit to appreciate the island’s delicious produce.

2. Seferihisar

places to avoid the crowds in turkey
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Seferihisar lies in the province of İzmir, close to the city of the same name. It is home to Teos, an ancient settlement believed to have been founded in 2000 B.C. by the Cretans. Teos was a major Ionian port and artistic hub, and you can visit the ruins during your trip to Seferihisar. Two smaller settlements, Lebedos and Hecataeus of Miletus, are also nearby.

Seferihisar is known for its delicious olives, tangerines and satsumas, most of which are grown organically to minimise the ecological impact of agriculture. It’s the atmosphere in Seferihisar that makes it so special. It has a quiet, relaxed pace of life that completely contrasts with many of the popular holiday resorts in the same region. Be sure to visit the town’s Ecological Market to pick up local organic produce and discover handmade crafts made by local women.

3. Akyaka

places to avoid the crowds in turkey
Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash

20 miles away from the popular and luxurious resort of Marmaris, Akyaka is a coastal town that sits at the far end of the Gulf of Gökova where the highly fertile Gökova plain begins. This makes it a lush, green region with beautiful pine forests in which to escape for a quiet stroll.

The town is perhaps best known for its unique architecture which combines modern design with the style of former houses in Ula which is nearby Muğla’s old town. Handcrafted wooden roofs, balconies, doors and shutters give the properties their distinct appearance.

An expansive beach lies at the heart of Akyaka along with a reed-lined creek. Another beach that lies a little out of town is where the action takes place as locals and visitors indulge in kite surfing along the coastline. 

Over recent years Akyaka has gradually become more popular with visitors looking for a beautiful and peaceful escape from Turkey’s urban regions. However, its popularity with Turks means that the cuisine served in its restaurants is incredibly traditional, and the atmosphere in its bars and eateries are authentically Turkish. This makes it a brilliant coastal spot for those who want a true experience of Turkey.

Enjoy your peaceful Turkish getaway

Sometimes we want some true rest and relaxation when we take a holiday. Now you know where to visit in Turkey to avoid the crowds, you can get started planning your peaceful getaway to this beautiful country.

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