5 Breathtaking Places To Visit In India During Monsoon

In some of the places to visit in India during the monsson are like magical spells on earth. It awakens Mother Nature who transforms the country into a spectacular land of misty greens and bloom. While some places may not be lucky enough to see this change, others witness the miracle during the monsoons.

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This spectacular season offers the experience of a lifetime to travellers who enjoy the sight of undulating hills and mountains covered with lush greenery, lakes and rivers overflowing with sparkling water. The rains are pleasant enough to explore the otherwise unseen.

So, if you’re someone who loves the idea of making your monsoon season memorable, here’s the countdown of places to visit in India that you must visit:

5. Mahabaleshwar – This destination is a sight to behold during the monsoon season. Covered in thick fog – the forests, the Ghats and the trails look spectacular – giving you the opportunity to click some fantastic photographs. The breathtaking valleys and pristine mountains here will surely make your trip an adventurous one.

4. Kodaikanal – Fondly known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, Kodaikanal is situated in the Palani Hills of the Western Ghats. This picturesque town offers tourists travelling during monsoon season an enchanting sight of waterfalls, stretches of greenery and magnificent landscapes that will be etched in their memory forever.

3. Munnar – The dense forest and wildlife in Munnar makes this destination very popular among tourists and nature lovers. The place experiences heavy rainfall during the months of June to September, giving the entire place a mesmerizing look.

2. Pondicherry – Old colonial houses, mustard-yellow cafes, seafront restaurants and more, make this quaint little town popular among travelers. However, it’s during the monsoons that this beautiful destination comes alive with romance. It gives you a chance to fall in love with the season and the city.

1. Coorg – The monsoon season is definitely the best time to visit Coorg. This destination is already very popular for its coffee plantations and vast stretches of flora, which gets amplified during the monsoons. It lends viewers a sight of emerald greenery that seems to touch the horizon. There are a list of places to visit in India especially Coorg during the monsoons, like Mulangiri, Gokarna and the Bandipur National Park. Additionally, the beautiful waterfalls, lakes and streams seen during the season will promise to make your trip a delightful one.

So, this monsoon season pack your bags and head out to experience nature at its mystical best. However, you must know that out of all these places Coorg weather is comparatively the best. This beautiful hill station acts as a revitalize for tourists who seek its greenery.

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