Top Things To Do In Chennai For The American Traveler In India

If you have planned a visit to Chennai, you will not be disappointed with what this metropolitan has in store for you. Here are the top things to do in Chennai so that your stay here carves out some indelible memories for you.

The Tamil Capital, Chennai is recognized as the gateway of South India. The city has abundant tales to tell about India’s history and culture. While there are temples that narrate stories from time immemorial through their carvings and scriptures, the churches are testament to the foreign communities that once stayed and ruled over India.

Even though Chennai has retained most of South India’s cultural and traditional values, it hasn’t compromised on urbanization. Equipped with all the modern amenities and technology, Chennai is a cosmopolitan city that preserves the Indian values and also picks up the pace of advancement.

Visit the iconic temples

The temples in Chennai reflect the art and architecture of ancient times. The structure and intricate designs are enough to get any spectator hooked on to the sheer marvel of these creations.

Some of the famous temples here are Puri Jagannath Temple, Kapaleeshwarar Temple and Parthsarathy Temple. Kapaleeshwarar Temple is one of the oldest temples in Chennai that was built in Dravidian style for Lord Shiva. Whether you believe in religion or not, you should definitely visit these temples to witness the art and culture of ancient times. The walls infused with myriad stories are sure to take you back in time.

Soak in the sanctity of St. Thomas Mount Church

Perched on top of a small hill, St.Thomas Church is one of the most sacred and mesmerizing places in the city. Built by the Portuguese in 1523, devotees believe that St. Thomas, an ardent disciple of Lord Jesus attained martyrdom here 2000 years ago.

The church contains a part of Thomas’ finger bone and a cross that he carved. Apart from the religious significance, the location of the church offers a splendid view of the city. If you are looking for some peace and a pious vibe to soothe your soul, spending some time in this church is one of the best things to do in Chennai.

Laze on the Marina Beach

The second largest urban beach in the world, the white sand and gushing waves at the Marina beach will make you lose track of time as you spend long hours imbibing the beauty and charm of this place. The beach also has a few statues of heroes from the past and an aquarium that contains some rare sea and freshwater creatures.

Trek to Nagalapuram Falls

The untarnished beauty of the Eastern Ghats has attracted travellers and tourists from far and wide. This temple town was built in memory of Nagala Devi, mother of Krishnadeveraya of the Vijaynagar regime.

While some people visit the town to witness Lord Vishnu in Vedanarayana temple, the adventure enthusiasts prefer trekking through the wilderness to witness the beauty of the glorious waterfalls.

Watch film shooting in Kodambakkam or Vadapalani

We’re all aware of the larger-than-life aspect of South Indian cinema. From some incredulous duel scenes to downright drama, South Indian films definitely manage to crack us up irrespective of the mood we are in.

Thus, witnessing what goes on behind the camera is one of the top things to do in Chennai. Kodambakkam is also known as ‘Mini Kollywood’ owing to the number of film sequences that are shot here.

Witness the grandeur of Chepauk

The name ‘Chepauk’ is usually used to refer to the M.A.Chidambaram International Cricket Stadium. Even if you are not a fan of cricket, The Chepauk Palace built in Indo-Saracenic style is a sight to behold. You can also visit the University of Madras that is home to the Central Research Laboratory.

The aforementioned things are some of the popular things to do in Chennai. Whether you are looking for an adventurous vacation or waiting to swathe in the natural elegance of Chennai, this place has a lot of potential to keep you engrossed in its culture and activities.

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