8 Things Every Indian Travelling To USA Must Know

Travelling to US is one dream all Indians hold close to their heart. Topping the list of travel destinations, USA beckons everyone to come and explore the warm nation. Being a vast country and one which follows all rules and regulations, it is normal to feel apprehensive if you are travelling to USA for the first time. Here are a few things to know before travelling to USA. These tips will not only help you explore USA better, but will also make your trip a memorable one.

Immigration & Customs: Before arriving in USA, you will be handed a customs form in your flight. Fill out this form providing all the necessary information. As soon as you land in US at a port of entry, you will be inspected by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. Keep your passport and all other required documents handy.

Driving in US: Renting a car is more profitable in USA. You can drive a car using your Indian driving license. Most of the car-rental companies lease cars only if you have a valid credit card. Drive within the stated speed limits, do not break any red light, do not spit or throw garbage out the car window, and do not unnecessarily honk.

Getting a US SIM: It is recommended to buy a local sim during your trip. The country has four major service providers, however T-Mobile and AT&T are most-preferred. Search the internet to know which service and plans best suit your interests. Be sure that your phone is not locked to a certain service carrier or provider.

Healthcare: One of the most important things to know before travelling to USA is that buying medicines in USA will drill holes in your pockets. Before travelling to United States, buy few strips of medicines for common illnesses. If you are subscribed any particular medicine, carry extra strips during your trip, since they may not be available in the medical stores there. Also carry a health insurance to USA.

Cash: Carry ample amount of cash wherever you go. USA is no cheap country and everything you buy here will cost you more than a dime. You can use a credit card at any store, but using an Indian credit card will show excessive exchange rates. Also, be ready to tip in large amounts right from a taxi driver to a restaurant waitress.

Food: While the street food in USA tempts everyone, if you are a vegetarian, you may have to give it a skip. At every restaurant or food joint, you will find an extensive non-vegetarian menu, but the only saviour for vegetarians is the Mexican food here. Be specific about what you want while placing your order at the restaurants.

Manners: US citizens strictly adhere to mannerisms. A ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ will take you places here. Be polite whenever you speak to anyone. Do not look down upon people and avoid staring at them.

Emergency Number: Know that if you are in an extreme tight situation and need to call the police, an ambulance, or a fire brigade, all you need to do is dial 911. This is the US’s emergency number which instantly responds to your plea of help.

These things to know before travelling to USA will be easier keeping these tips in mind. Plan a visit to this diverse country and enjoying wandering through its vastness to the fullest.

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