Why Vegas Is Not Just About Casinos & Partying

Many people are of the opinion that Las Vegas has nothing to offer them. With its many casinos, restaurants and hotels, the city is known for its glitz & glamour.

However, Las Vegas has much more to offer to individuals that are not gamblers or party-freaks. There are so many things to do on the Strip and around Vegas that does not involve gambling or parties.

Here is a list of fun activities visitors can engage in the city.

1. Take A Hoover Dam Tour

Guided tour of this popular attraction starts with a pickup from the guest’s hotel. This grand dam is located about an hour drive from the city. The sightseeing includes an engaging narration by a guide, exploration of the dam, the museum and exhibit areas.

Tip – The Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge offers the best views of the amazing sight and opportunity for photo shots.

2. Watch Grand Canyon From A Helicopter

Enjoy the bus trip and helicopter tour of the canyon. With a guide to highlight the interesting historical details along the way, offers a fantastic experience to visitors. They can explore the West Rim, the South Rim and the village. Some tours also include landing on over the Grand Canyon.

One reputable company that does these tours is Sundance Helicopters.

3. Hike The Red Rock

The numerous trails in the Red Rock Canyon offer people the opportunity to engage in mountain biking and hiking. A parking lot lies at the head of each trail where hikers can park their cars.

4. Visit the Stratosphere

Fun seekers entertain themselves at the stratosphere. With various activities to thrill the guests, the city has more to offer than casinos.

The X-scream offers visitors a forward and backward ride at the height of 866 feet. The riders experience weightlessness and can observe the eye-catching view of the city’s skyline. Individuals that are not afraid of heights can board the Insanity. They can have a breathtaking view of the ground from a height of 900 feet.

5. Big Bus Day Tour

The big bus trip provides visitors the opportunity to explore the highlights of the city. The tour starts from the bus center with stops at various known locations.

The tourists can explore these places before they continue their journey. Some of the spots are the Treasure Island, Hawaiian Marketplace, LINQ and Mob Museum.

6. Gene Wood Racing

People can enjoy a half mile race behind the wheels just like a real car race. Visitors are in trained how to maneuver at top speeds with an instructional video. Family and friends can have fun with this activity.

7. Shows and Concert

Vegas shows are the best in the world. Entertainment in Vegas will not be complete without shows. Visitors can have a good time watching amazing performances by talented performers. A visit to Luxor for a show by The Blue Man Group can leave an individual with unforgettable memories.

Though Las Vegas is known for endless entertainment and casinos, you can enjoy this city without gambling and parties. When next you visit Vegas, explore something new and exciting. The strip has lots of fun activities that will offer you a magical experience.

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