What Is “A Billion Hectares”?

I am Sai from India. I wanted to do Masters in USA, but I failed at visa. Fast forward 7 years later, I some how managed to get an American visa and travel in the country multiple times & to most corners of the country.

What Is “A Billion Hectares” about?

It’s a blog about my experiences in America, a guide for people wanting to travel there, advice & recommendations, what & where to eat and what ever come to my mind about USA.

Why did I name this blog “A Billion Hectares”?

I ain’t gonna tell you about it. Ok. I am spilling the beans. The area of USA is 9.834 million square kilometers which is 0.9834 billion hectares. Almost a billion.

Maybe I should have named it zeropointnineeightthreefourbillionhectares.com. What do you think. Reply in the comments below.

What makes me go to USA multiple times?

I traveled to most corners of the planet, but there is no country like America. I feel a good vibes in me when I am there. It’s a special place for me.

What’s my favorite American thing? Boxed wines and New York’s skyline.

What I do not like about America? Those ugly looking COSTCOs and Walmarts.

Few of my favorites in America

  • State – California
  • City – San Francisco
  • Beer – Steel Reserve
  • Chain Restaurant – BJ’s
  • Airlines – Southwest

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