Places To Visit In Kolkata – An Insiders Guide

Kolkata is otherwise known as the ‘City of Joy’ had been the capital of India for a long time, during the British Raj, before Delhi. Kolkata is now the state capital of West Bengal. Situated on the embankment of the Hooghly River, Kolkata has local norms in drama, theater, art film, and literature. There are many places to visit in Kolkata.

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Places to visit in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

The Victoria Memorial is a one of its kind in the country and one of the beautiful places to visit in Kolkata. It is a large marble structure in Kolkata, West Bengal that was established between 1906 and 1921. It is dedicated to Queen Victoria and is now a museum of antiques and a popular destination under the Ministry of Culture. The Memorial is situated across the maidan, along with the fringes of Hooghly River. The memorial was primarily designed by William Emerson. 

Dakshineswar Temple

The Dakshineshwar temple is a Hindu temple located in Dakshineshwar on the outer fringes of Kolkata. This temple is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kolkata. Located on the eastern side of the Hooghly River, the idol of the temple is Bhavatarini, an aspect of Kali, who frees her devotees from the ocean of existence. Rani Rashmoni had laid the stones of foundation in the year 1855, an optimist and philanthropist by nature and a devotee of Maa Kali. Hands down, it is one of the beautiful places to visit in West Bengal.

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum is known to be one of the world’s oldest museums having some of the greatest collections of fossils, ornaments, skeletons, mummies, armors, antiques along with the stunning paintings from the various eras of history.

Marble Palace Mansion

The mansion was built by Rajendra Mullick in 1835 and attracts a lot of visitors for the greatest art collection that it boasts like Reuben’s awesome masterpieces, along with the renowned masterpieces by artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Reynolds.

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum

The beauty of the museum can be enjoyed by the visitors by the large library having various books, CDs, journals along with the movies in the stream of Science and Technology.

Kalighat Temple

Kalighat is the most important place of worship in Kolkata and one of the 51 Shakti Piths present in India. It is believed that the toes of the right foot of Sati had fallen here due to the Rudra tandav of Lord Shiva.

South Park Street Cemetery

It is also known as the Haven for all the Dead Souls. Every tombstone present here has a living and breathing history of the bygone era of the British and every tomb has its individual story. It is the home of the famous tomb of the famous poet, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.

Princep Ghat

A perfect place for couples on the bank of Ganges. A quiet evening can be well spent with the calm river flowing by.

Visit New Market

New Market is a marketplace in Kolkata on the Lindsay street. The ‘New Market’ was actually used for the enclosed market, today in common dialect the entire shopping area is often known as “New Market”. The market was opened for public use in 1874. Today the marketplace is controlled by the Municipal Corporation. It was developed by Richard Roskell Bayne. After the marketplace was opened in 1874, the first marketplace of Municipal market spread swiftly. Affluent colonials from all over the India shopped at exclusive retailers in this marketplace. In 1903, the marketplace was officially renamed as Hogg Market after the name of Sir Stuart Hogg.

Best Time to Explore Kolkata

The City of Joy is a marvelous place to visit it on any day of the year. The city has much to offer to its tourists irrespective of the season. But as the climatic conditions are controlled by none, the city experiences much heat in the Summer seasons. Although the heat fails to melt down the enthusiasm of the common mass, the temperature shoots up to 38C-39C in the summer season. It is, therefore, best for anyone to visit the city in winter when the climate is cool and brings along the shower of happiness and love. The spring host an ideal season when the city is neither too hot nor too cold.

How to reach

By Plane- From the national capital of India, board flight for the Kolkata airport. From Airport terminals of different cities board a flight for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Take a cab from the airport terminal and travel into the city.

By Train- From the National Capital, board a train and go to New Delhi station. From the station board, the Rajdhani Express or the Duronto express for Kolkata. Get down at Sealdah station in Kolkata and you make a take a taxi to visit your place in the city.

By Bus- Board a bus for Kolkata from the bus terminus in New Delhi. Get down on the bus last stop and you will be inside Kolkata.

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